Donor Funded

Currently there are more than 3000 local and international NGOs in Tanzania. Some of these deal with gender, human rights, environment, advocacy, participatory development etc. All of them have been assisting in strengthening the civil society through informing and educating the public on various issues, for example, their legal rights or entitlements to services or by helping attune to Government Policies.

The Government encourages partnership with private sector to complement on government efforts and therefore NGOs have a role to play in the provision of social and economic services. NGOs address diverse issues ranging from lobbying, advocacy and human rights to service provision. They bring creativity, innovation and develop strong community links thereby playing a catalystic role in improving the delivery of various types of services.

We have provided various kind of services to a number of NGOs funded by international donors such as European Union, USAID, SIDA, Norwegian Embassy, Care International, World Lung Foundation, Merck, Pathfinder, Mango Tree Orphan Support Programme Trust as well as local government.


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